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I read anything that's nailed down, or even just moving slowly. Cereal boxes, candy wrappers, all genres, etc., and I don't always have much time for arbitrary distinctions like literary fiction vs. genre fiction.

No More Dead Dogs

No More Dead Dogs - Gordon Korman I liked this one better than The Chocolate War. First, although the hero, Wallace Wallace, starts out being a bit of a jerk, he evolves over the course of the story and learns a thing or two about friendship and belonging. Second, the atmosphere was a lot lighter--bad things still happen, but the setting isn't as claustrophobic and Gothic as in TCW. Third, even though I know it was a bit hokey, I liked the device of having Rachel write to Julia Roberts for advice, as "a fellow actress." I like the chapters being different peoples' perspectives, too.

I'm finding it hard to believe that the English teacher would have prevailed as long as he did, though--here in the Southern U.S., football is King (when it's not basketball season), and you'd better believe that WW would have been allowed to play tout suite. It's depressing, actually.

I think if I had come across this one during my middle school or even early high school years, it would have become one of my all-time favorites. As it is, it was a fun way to spend a few hours.