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I read anything that's nailed down, or even just moving slowly. Cereal boxes, candy wrappers, all genres, etc., and I don't always have much time for arbitrary distinctions like literary fiction vs. genre fiction.

The Ghost

The Ghost - Robert Harris (Note: I'm using the true ranking system here--I gave it 2 stars because it was OK. Not great, not terrible--OK.)

This is the story of a man who's recruited to "finish" the memoirs of the former British Prime Minister after the previous ghostwriter has died under mysterious circumstances. Needless to say, he gets way more than he bargained for...

There are only a few cases in which the movie is at least as good as the book. In this case, the movie was better. I understand why the author never specifies the name or gives any description of the writer (ghost, get it?), but it gives the narrative a detached quality despite being written in first person. In addition, the political intrigue is not well rendered--it's cliched cloak-and-dagger, and it would have benefited from some fleshing out of the simplistic plot. For example, it would have been nice to see a couple examples of the villain in action or communicating with coconspirators. (Being vague so as to avoid spoilers.)

If you're looking for a complex, far-flung Ludlumesque caper, this isn't it. But it's a perfectly fine airplane book.