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I read anything that's nailed down, or even just moving slowly. Cereal boxes, candy wrappers, all genres, etc., and I don't always have much time for arbitrary distinctions like literary fiction vs. genre fiction.

The Rook

The Rook - Daniel O'Malley How much did I love this book? Let me count the ways:

1. A female protagonist who's strong, smart, funny, vulnerable, and scared, often in the same paragraph. This book passes the Bechdel test in spades. The fact that it was written by a guy is even more impressive.

2. Partly epistolary. Turns out that the "original" version of the protagonist, Myfanwy Thomas, has written letters to her future self because she knows that an evil enemy is going to destroy her memory soon. These letters are used to excellent effect. One of the things that makes this book great is how the letters show Myfanwy coming to terms with the fact that "she" is going to die. The last letter made me cry.

3. A thoroughly enjoyable setup. "Her Majesty's Supernatural Secret Service" reminded me of Torchwood a bit, but this organization was more what Torchwood would be like if Microsoft took it over--the petty politics, arcane policies, obstructionist agendas, etc. It was a hoot, if creepy in places.

4. A good story. This is a nice twist on the murder mystery--in the vein of the Bourne Identity, but done by the enemy instead of the organization, complete with infiltrators and turncoats. Anyone could be the Big Bad--dun, dun, DUN....

5. The first in a series! The author has sent the first draft of Book 2 to his editor (as of Jan 2013), so there's more Cecquy adventures to come.

I got this book from the library, but I think I'll buy it. I want to read it again.